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Where feelings come to life.

What our hands are
good for !

Create your universe require varied skills.
The nature is well done, that's why we have so many hands.


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Our universe

A project is an adventure who motivates and gives us joy. If so, why would we do it? It is also to choose a team who manages to understand your universe. We will be delighted to open the door of our own to share it with you.

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Emotions are essentiels

Our universes are defined by the emotions that we put on. They are the open door to the dream. As Sartre was saying: « We will call emotion a sudden fall of the awareness in the magic ». That’s why, we give them an important place.

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Curious we are

When we are discovering new things, we are like children in a toy store. Every single new discovery is for us a chance to be higher and stronger than before. It’s also a source of happiness. Sometimes we reinvent the world.

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Quality a habit

Quality is not a good resolution forgotten in a cupboard. It’s a way of life that we apply everyday in everything we do. What do you add in your Breakfast tea? Milk or lemon? At the factory, we are careful at details.

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Across universes

Curious, but you already knew it, we are interested in all the universes. We will be delighted to be able to apparating from a universe to another. You are actually using Floo Powder or an Interceptor Jedi? Let us a moment to contact J.K.Rowling or the NASA, we are arriving.

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Life lovers

All ours discoveries make us love life. The tea ceremony in company of a Buddhist monk. A scuba-diving within the fishes. A gelato made in Italia and its pizza. The taste of a huge spongy cookies with chocolate chips and a cup of tea.

Our universe

The Factory's team

We are cookies, tea and life lovers. Our best quality, the curiosity.

Picture of Aline CEO at Lady Ace Factory

Aline Arrotin

CEO at Lady Ace Factory