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Volubili-what? Is this some kind of weird animal? A disease? The name of a satellite?


Nope. It is a Latin word meaning fluency.


Volubilitas is a language service provider based in Charleroi, Belgium.

Their activities range from translation and interpretation to proofreading and creative writing. You want to extend your business abroad? You are meeting with a client but don’t speak the same language? You are working on a proposal but you struggle when it comes to expressing your ideas?They can help you.

They also offer language classes. Whether you wish to learn English, French or Spanish, they teach with a unique approach: you are in charge! No textbook or curriculum to follow. According to your interests and needs, their sessions are tailor-made to fit YOU. Alone or in group, at home or at the office, in real life or virtually, each lesson is designed to be fun, dynamic and productive.

«An agency that listens to your needs and that bends over backwards to meet your expectations before, during and after the realization.»

Marie-Eve Standaerts - CEO at Volubilitas

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