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«Aux enfants sauvages»

“Aux enfants sauvages” is a workshop of shared resources in leather goods and jewelry as well as an exhibition. It is a place that combines the development of artisanal know-how and the discovery of contemporary artistic creation. The desecrated chapel is composed of a workshop of 200m² and a gallery of 80m².

Aux enfants sauvages company logo.

Creators benefit from:

– Professional tools necessary for high quality work and suitable for micro series.
– A meeting and exchange space between leather and jewellery enthusiasts.
– Visibility offered to the public by the exhibition gallery that overlooks the workshop.

Artisans meet customers while working. This place allows artisans to sell their pieces in a dignified setting and at the height of the quality of their work.

«The result exceeded all my expectations, I was amazed.»

Delphine Joly - Owner at Aux enfants sauvages

Black and white image of a man working leather.

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