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Behind the Jellyfish

Lady Ace is mainly described as a very sensitive, curious & creative person. Often travelling in her head, she likes to navigate from one universe to another. It is with great pleasure that she will share her discoveries with you.

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Lady Ace

Her story

Lady Ace very early asserted her heterogeneous tastes to the great despair of her mother. Art & creativity have always been present throughout his training course. When she was younger, she was regularly brought back to earth because she was already full of ideas & projects. Deep down, what Lady Ace is most passionate about is understanding and bringing the universes to life.

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Inspired by emotions

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Lady Ace decides to develop her agency after a rather tumultuous career. She needs passion and emotions, to give life to projects that challenge, make your eyes shine and capsize your heart. The factory is the great dream of Lady Ace, it is the possibility to create and share unique, original & authentic experiences. Today, she helps her clients to stand out to break out.

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« Creating a universe is an invitation to dream trough a unique experience. »

- Lady Ace

They trusted us with their ideas

No matter the size of your project or your field of activity, we will bring out the best. The success of your communication lies in the art of listening to you.

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